An introduction to our services and the types of products we supply.

We’ve created this page to provide you with some information and examples of the types of products we regularly make for our customers. This is not a complete list by any means, it’s merely a quick overview of the types of projects we see on a regular basis.  We’re always willing to look at other project types, which may not be shown here. You may also find this information helpful by reading some of the reasons other people use our services.

Branded Logo Patches: This is by far the most common type of product we make, simply because most businesses have a logo of some description. Branding your staff workwear/uniforms is a smart way to get some free advertising, as your employees will be actively helping to promote your business.

Service Businesses: We can make you as little as 5 qty of logo based embroidered patches. From Cleaning Services to Plumbing, Car Valeting and Gardening Services, all are welcome.

School Sports Patches: Popular with schools large and small, we embrace this type of order and will happily work on this type of project, even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere. We understand your needs and will generally factor in a generous discount for multiple design projects. We also make bulk orders of school blazer badges (please note that we do not supply individual school blazer badges to parents, you must purchase them from the school, or it’s local supplier).

Airsoft Team Patches: Another popular request, we make a lot of these for the Airsoft community, in all shapes and size, with Velcro® Hook backing as standard.

Embroidered Simple Text Patches: We welcome small and large quantity orders of single and multiple designs, but we will normally require you to order a minimum of 5 patches.

Biker Patch Sets: Below is a nice example of a full biker club patch set, these usually have a large centerpiece design with an array of peripheral patches denoting various roles in the club.  the popularity of these has increased significantly since the Son’s of Anarchy series hit television screens a few years ago. The most popular text font requested is Carnavalee Freakshow, as used by the bikers in the TV series.

Retail Patches: We regularly produce orders for retailers, but please note that we don’t offer retail packaging, all orders are loose packed. The examples shown are for illustration only.

Subscription Box Services: If you run this type of business/charity and are putting a project together, then we’re happy to help you create embroidered patch products for your patrons. We’ve worked with a few organizations in this sector, and can deal with projects large and small as the need arises.

Large Back Patches: Everybody loves a large embroidered back patch (example shown above), they just ooze quality!  But you may not know that they can be very expensive to have digitized for Embroidery. The cost of producing just one unique large patch can be £50 to £100, but the price is quickly reduced as the order quantity is increased. We have recently introduced a budget option for backpatches, and will make you a 30cm x 20cm Simulated Woven version of any design (excluding copyrighted/trademarked works) for just £29 all in (example of a simple design is shown below).

Cut-Out Style Patches: This is where our customers tend to get adventurous! If you’ve already viewed the recent projects page, you’ll see we have produced some weird and wacky cut-out designs. So if you have something unusual in mind, don’t be afraid to ask. An example of the many different ways we can produce the same design is shown below.

Charity/Fundraiser Patches: A recurring method used by fundraisers is to sell an official event patch. these are usually bought in larger quantities of 100 to 500, then resold at £5 to £8 each, or given  out as a thank you for any donations above a certain level.

Sponsor Patches: Popular with sports teams and individual competitors being sponsored by one or more companies for events etc. Please note that most embroidery businesses charge on a ‘per design’ basis, and projects of this nature can get expensive very quickly, especially for very small orders.

Patches for Costumes: We have previously made products for quite a few television programmes, feature films and theatrical productions. We’re happy to work with costume designers and individuals to create whatever you need.

Fashion Work: Through our sister website we previously worked with Reveal Magazine back in 2014 on a double page spread featuring some of the worlds most famous supermodels. They modeled clothing created using only products from our old Patchdepot shop! (which is now closed). We frequently help small branded clothing businesses and individuals to create patches which they apply to garments for resale.

Fancy Dress Patches:  We’re always available to help you create designs for fancy dress or Stag/Hen nights etc.

Team or Club Patches: We’re happy to help you with small or large orders for your team/club needs. We regularly make orders for a wide variety of teams and clubs, including, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Archery, Skiing, Motorsport, Equestrian, Airsoft/Paintball, Martial Arts, Basketball, Fencing, Polo, Swimming, Basketball, Tennis, Boxing, Cycling, Darts, Golf, Roller Derby etc.

Multiple Design Projects: This has become our specialty! – When most other patch makers shy away from orders of this type, we embrace them. We don’t mind if your order contains multiple designs, with multiple coloured versions, and varying quantities, we will help turn your project into reality. But please do keep in mind that adding variations of any type will increase the cost.

Simulated Woven Patches: Launched in January 2017, this is a new patch type we’ve developed as a solution for those high detail designs that are not really suitable for embroidery. The design is dyed permanently into the woven fabric using the latest dye sublimation technology. The result is a patch that offers durability equal to traditional woven patches, with near print quality detail, and the option of laser cut or merrowed borders. They’re also a little cheaper than both Traditional Woven or Embroidered. Our new ‘Sim Woven’ patches are already proving to be a popular choice for those on a tight budget.

Our design rules and conditions of acceptance:

We have an open minded policy towards patch designs, and will consider most projects, but we reserve the right to not accept orders at our own discretion.

Embroidered Patches: We will normally accept anything from a rough draft of a design, or a simple logo, to a completed design showing where you want the border etc, and everything in between. With embroidery digitizing, everything must be recreated in stitches anyway, so it’s not really a problem to make a few edits for you, if required. There can be compatibility issues between versions of Photoshop and Illustrator, so we prefer jpg or png format for design images. If you have more than one design, it’s often best to place them in a zip file before attaching them to the quote form, or sending via email.

Woven Patches: For this patch type, we generally need a good quality print ready design. We’ll normally only add a border to this design type, so you’ll need to keep in mind that the final result will only be as good as the image you’ve sent us, no further edits will be made. Jpg or Png images are preferred, and keep the image file size under 2mb. Keep in mind that everything in the image (warts & all), including any background colour will show in the final patches, so we recommend a quick tidy up before you send the final version. It’s always better to create designs as a transparent png image, then you can easily change the background colour if desired, or supply it without a background for a pure white finish (as the material for all Sim Woven patches is naturally White). But having a coloured background is all the same to us, it does not cost any extra, we’ll just make them exactly as shown in the image you supply.

Border Options:

Backing Options:

The iron on glue we use is polyamide-based (PA) hot melt adhesive, which is made from renewable raw materials such as castor or rape seed oil.

Trademarked/Copyrighted Works: We cannot normally produce designs that contain trademarks or copyrighted works, unless you are that person, company or a representative of. Exceptions can be made for sponsorship where prior permission has been obtained. If you are the copyright or trademark owner, then please use your official business email address where possible.