Logo Shield 273 Panda Custom Text Patch – 8cm x 7.2cm


Please read the Product Information section at the bottom of this page before you order.

This design is 80mm high x 72mm wide (8cm x 7.2cm), so a maximum of 16 characters (including spaces) is permitted in the text area and we recommend a narrow font if you wish the text to be large & clear. If you want an unlisted font, just leave a message in the text box (it must be a free TTF font). This is a double border design, with ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ borders, changing the colour’s of these borders will aid you in creating a truly unique version of this design.  The following elements are changeable on this design:

  1. Text Font (57 options)
  2. Text Colour (30 options)
  3. Logo Colour (the colour can be changed in several elements, from 60 to 180 options)
  4. Inner Border Colours (30 options)
  5. Outer Border Colours (30 options)
  6. Background Fabric Colour (17 options)

It’s entirely possible to create 4.7 Billion versions of this design with just those options, so play around and make it your own!

Relevant options should be chosen from the dropdown boxes provided below.

*If you need multiple patches of this particular design and have a list of individual names, just place the list of names (one name per line) in the message box on the product page and then add the correct quantity to basket & checkout.*

Patch Text *

Please carefully enter your actual patch text in this space.

Choose Your Text Font *

Previews of this font list can be viewed in the product images. If the font you require is not listed, just leave us an order message stating the font name and any other relevant info.

Choose Text Colour *

See the thread colour chart in the listing images for a visual reference.

Choose Logo Colour *

See the thread colour chart in the listing images for a visual reference.

Choose Inner Border Colour *

See the thread colour chart in the listing images for a visual reference.

Choose Outer Border Colour *

See the thread colour chart in the listing images for a visual reference.

Outer Border Finish Options *

The outer border on this double border design can now be made with a Merrowed border

Choose Background Fabric Colour *

See the Fabric colour chart in the listing images for a visual reference.

Choose A Backing Option *

Please choose a patch backing type.

Message Box

Please use this message box to leave instructions. If your patch contains multiple lines of text, then explain the layout here.

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Logo Shield 273 Panda Custom Text Patch – 8cm x 7.2cm

Product Information: 

We can change the colour of some elements of the logo shown in this listing. If you want them in a particular colour scheme, then leave your instructions in the message box. If the colour changes you’ve requested are not possible, we may revert to the original colour scheme shown in the listing image. Only the standard logo colour option is shown in the dropdown on this listing, you can only request colour changes to the logo via the message box!

When requesting colours, please remember the following rules:  If it’s a 3 colour logo, it can only have 3 colours changed, we can’t split elements and add more colours than are shown. But you can reduce the colour count if desired, by simply requesting the same colour in more than one element.


We’ve shown a selection of 57 text fonts that will work well for your design, but you’re not limited to just those shown. If you have a preference for a font that’s not listed, then use the message box provided to tell us the name of that font. Please remember that any font you request must be freely available and not a premium font.


We stock a standard range of 30 thread colours for these simple text designs. You can choose a different colour thread for the text & the border, but if you’re in doubt about your colour choices, just make them both the same colour, as that will always work.


You can choose from a fixed range of 17 different background fabric colours. Other colours are not available for these simple text listings.


We offer a range of 4 backing options. Sew on, Iron, Stick on, or Velcro.


A laser hot cut border is the popular industry standard finish, but some customers still prefer the old Merrowed/Overlock style border which is now a premium option. The Merrowed border option also increases the durability of Velcro backed patches. Only the outer border can be Merrowed on this product!


This product is made in the UK to a high standard using high quality threads and materials. We operate a queue system for the custom products shown in this shop, so it usually takes 2 to 3 days for production, then a further 1 to 2 days for UK delivery.

  • Production & UK delivery takes 3 to 5 days.
  • Production & delivery to EU Countries takes 5 to 7 days.
  • Please allow 7 to 10 days for production & delivery to all other Countries.


Available discounts are only shown in your shopping basket, or on the checkout page. If you order 2 or more identical patches, a discount will automatically be applied to the line price for that item. Please remember that the price shown on this page is the full price, before any discount is applied. An example of this based on a product with a list price of £4.99 for 1 qty, If you ordered 100 qty, the price shown in your basket may drop to as little as £1.75 per patch. For 500 qty that could be just £0.99p per patch.